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Brace Adjustments in Victoria, BC

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Braces or orthodontic braces are special dental structures for aligning the dentition and correcting other problems. They consist of an arc and micro-locks. They are installed on the teeth with non-toxic glue. The arc is pulled through the locks and fixed with elastic bands. Due to the shape of the arc when fixed on an uneven tooth, the design returns it to its natural position. The price of the braces installation service differs depending on the manufacturer and the complexity of the work, so check the amount during a consultation with a specialist in St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic.

The bracket system in Victoria is one of the most popular dental products. Now the market has a huge selection of manufacturers offering their products. Dentists can offer you three main types of braces:

  • metal
  • made from ceramics
  • sapphire

Any of these designs perfectly fulfill its main function. The only difference is aesthetic. For example, metal braces in Victoria are not expensive compared to other options, so they are still popular.

Braces in Victoria, BC

When should you get braces?

Why are braces needed? The most important reasons why a dentist is recommended to install a bracket system are:

  • Malocclusion
  • Incorrect (abnormal) position of the tooth – tilt, rotation, large gaps, and so on
  • Facial asymmetry due to problems with the jaw
  • When the tooth is in the wrong position, when it is apart from others, violating the natural position
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You can get a free consultation with an orthodontist at St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic. The specialist will examine you and make a conclusion about whether it is worth installing the system. The price of braces in Victoria will depend on the installation type, the manufacturing material, and the manufacturer. You will be offered several options to choose from.


During the consultation, you will be able to receive a complete jaw profile. That is, whether your bite is normal, whether there is an abnormal position of the teeth, as well as other problems. You can also ask questions that interest you, for example, how safe braces treatment is, which system is better to choose, and so on.

St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic is staffed by true professionals, so you can be sure that you will get a beautiful smile. Call us to book a consultation!