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Prophylaxis is the prevention of diseases before they occur or at their earliest stages. Dental prophylaxis has two main components: home prophylaxis and visiting the dentist

Dental Checkup

Home prevention of oral diseases

A lot of people think it’s just “brushing your teeth.” In medicine, for a long time, prophylaxis was not taught at all, and a large layer of home prophylaxis measures was missed. In fact, brushing your teeth and oral cavity consists of several stages:


  • the well-known brushing;
  • selection of toothpaste, brush hardness and how to properly brush your teeth without damaging the enamel;
  • tongue cleaning;
  • detection of plaque in the early stages with the help of special dyes;
  • flossing (dental flossing).

Professional prophylaxis and dental hygiene

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The criterion “if nothing hurts, then you don’t need to visit the dentist” has no right to exist today. Any organ, and a tooth is a complex organ, has different conditions, and they should be diagnosed at an early stage in order to avoid serious complications.


We recommend every six months or a year to visit the dentist for a preventive examination, which a hygienist carries out!

This examination lasts an hour and a half and includes the following:

  • preventive cleaning of plaque;
  • polishing restorations;
  • additional examination methods to detect or exclude possible diseases (if necessary);
  • an appointment with a doctor if something is found that requires treatment.


With regular check-ups, we not only prevent diseases but also maintain guarantees for our treatment, increasing the functional life of any restoration – the better it is maintained, the more durable it is.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our experienced dental examination specialists, contact us today!

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