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St Anthony’s Dental Clinic has been proudly offering dental services to the people of British Columbia for years. We boast a state of the art dental facility equipped with modern dental tools and technology. We ensure affordable and gentle dental care for your complete family. We keep your dental wellbeing as our top priority. That’s why we offer services that suit your needs and timelines perfectly. We also do cancer screening with a state-of-the-art Velscope.

Regular Checkups

We offer quick and effective dental examinations to identify cavities and other problems developing in your mouth. We also provide you with teeth cleaning, polishing, and computer tooth imaging services.

Brace Adjustments

If you have crooked or gaping teeth, you will need help in setting them right. We provide you with proper brace adjustments to align your teeth and adjust them according to the changing features of your growing teeth and gums.

Ceramic Repairs

We provide dental procedures for cracked, chipped, or overly worn down teeth. Our doctors are experienced in special bonding and ceramic repairs that are assisted with crowns, veneers, caps, and bridges to stay upright.

Teeth Whitening

Whether you are facing serious tooth discoloration issues or just want a whiter and brighter set of teeth, our teeth whitening procedure will help you get your confident smile back. We use only the best technology for this procedure.

Root Canals

When tooth enamel gets so eroded that the tooth nerve is exposed, incredible pain and discomfort are sure to follow. We help you by providing an effective root canal treatment that removes the nerve tissue and ends your pain.

Having Difficulty Chewing Because Of A Sore Tooth?