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Denture Adjustments in Espanola, ON

If you wear dentures, you know how important it is to have them fitted properly, so they stay comfortable and secure. At St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic in Espanola, ON, we understand the importance of proper denture adjustments and provide specialized care for our patients who wear dentures.

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The benefits of denture adjustments

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Dentures are designed to fit comfortably on your gums and provide support for your natural teeth. Over time, your mouth can change shape due to age, weight loss or gain, or other factors that can cause your dentures to become loose or uncomfortable. That’s why regular denture adjustments are essential for optimal comfort and fit. 

At St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic, our experienced team of professionals will make sure that your dentures are properly adjusted to fit securely in place and feel comfortable on your gums. We understand the importance of having a secure fit when it comes to wearing dentures, as it ensures that you won’t experience any slipping or discomfort when eating or speaking. 

Additionally, regular adjustment appointments will ensure that the structure of the denture material remains strong so they don’t crack or break over time due to overuse or improper care.

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What types of adjustments are available?

At St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic in Espanola, ON, we offer various types of adjustments depending on the needs of our patient’s specific situations. Some common types of adjustments include relining old dentures with a new material; reshaping existing material; filling gaps between teeth; adding new teeth; adjusting bite alignment; repairing chips or cracks; replacing missing clasps; and more! We also provide emergency services if needed due to sudden pain or discomfort with your existing set of dentures.

No matter what type of adjustment you need for your dentures in Espanola, ON, St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic have you covered! Our dedicated staff is committed to providing quality service for all our patients and ensuring that their needs are met with a personalized approach tailored just for them! 

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation about how we can assist you with all your denture adjustment needs!