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If you are having any kind if issue with your teeth, and you are wondering how much it could potentially cost you, you can receive a Free Initial Consultation. This includes a complete diagnosis and treatment calculation, for Free. At this stage, you do not pay for anything.

What is included in Free Consultation:

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1. Computer diagnostics of the entire oral cavity.
2. Examination by the dentist.
3. Detailed treatment plan.

You can trust our Dentist! At St. Anthony’s, we have a well-coordinated dental team located in Victoria, BC. Also, our Dentist regularly attends forums, presentations, and other events dedicated to the latest technologies in the field of dentistry.

Our main goal is the best dental care you can receive. Our dentist and dental team are the best in their field, offering extensive experience; many of whom have been working in the field for years.

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Our Team

St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic in Victoria, BC has assembled a unique team of specialists in all areas of dentistry: periodontist, orthodontist, hygienists, etc. Their years of experience and high level of professionalism allow you to be confident in them solving any dental problems.

St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic provides all types of dental services:

● Comprehensive diagnostics.
● Dental Implants.
● Prosthetics.
● Correction of the bite.
● Restorative dentistry.
● Surgical dentistry.
● Dental treatment under anesthesia.
● Gnathology.
● Prevention, hygiene, whitening.
● Other dental services.

The dental care provided by St. Anthony’s Dental Clinic covers an extensive array of dental services, from ultrasonic cleaning and oral hygiene, to complex dental implants.